How to Boost Your Blog With Google Calendar

Remembering to write your next blog post can be a bit of a problem; your normal morning has all sorts of twists and turns and the blog you meant to write slips your mind. Not only that, by the time your day draws to a close you can not even remember fondly the topic you desired to write about. You’re not alone…!

Recent research on memory has provided an interesting twist. Psychologists in the University of Exeter in the united kingdom looked at various ways in which people with memory problems might be helped. These folks were studying individuals who had suffered brain injury which in fact had affected their memory. One of many tools they accustomed to help people remember thing was Google Calendar – the free, online calendaring service that is included with your GMail account. They discovered that Google Calendar was superior in assisting the brain injury patients remember things – much better than writing things down inside a traditional diary, for example. It appears that the automated options that come with Google Calendar were useful and provided something past a standard diary. It demonstrates there is something within the Google Calendar system which will help us quicker recall things, therefore you can use it absolutely help remember what to blog about.

Many individuals work with an online calendar system, or software for example Outlook, to assist them organise their appointments and schedules. However, using Google Calendar you can plan your blogging activities so that you don’t have to remember them – Google is going to do that bit for you personally. This is what you must do.

The first step: Obtain a Google Calendar Account
If you don’t curently have a Google Calendar otherwise you haven’t added someone to your GMail account do so.

Second step: Setup a Calendar called “Blogging”
After you have your Google Calendar account it’ll show the typical “Calendar”. Look around the left hand side with the screen, in places you will see a label “My Calendars”. Go through the down arrow close to might choose “Create New Calendar”. Think of it as “Blogging”.

Next step: Enter Daily Topics
Select a different topic or theme for every day you’ll blog. For instance, in case your blog is about gardening, you could talk about soil conditions on Mondays, dealing with pests on Tuesdays, creating great lawns on Wednesdays and so forth. Now, in Google Calendar enter a celebration with all the name of the topic for that duration of daily you are most probably to write about this. Give each topic a different colour, using the choices when you produce the event. Google Calendar for Windows This way you’ll get used to the colour system and also at a peek understand what topic you should write about.

Fourth step: Repeat the Events
At the top of the screen, there’s a “Repeat” box you can select. Tick this and get the wedding to repeat weekly. You’ve got now completed your blogging calendar for the remainder of the season…!

Fifth step: Schedule Reminders
Once you create the topics, make use of the reminder function at the end with the event screen to have a contact or pop-up to remind you that, say, by 50 percent an hour you have to write your site post on a specific theme. Like that, no longer your blog and wait for reminders regarding the subject you should be writing about.

Sixth step: Edit individual Events
For each and every of the people events you’ve created, edit them and offer additional information about specific blogs with the help of these to the “Description” box. So, as an example, Google Calendar for Windows should you be blogging about gardening each Wednesday was to talk about great lawns, start this week’s lawn event and kind in some details about a particular idea on that subject you’ve got. For instance, you might have an idea to create in regards to the best way to cut the grass. For those who have any links which are useful, copy those in to the “Description” box too. Then start next Wednesday’s lawn care event and enter information regarding another idea, like the the easy way water the grass. Continue doing this as many topics and days as possible.

Caused by spending an hour or two doing all this will be that you can forget all about your website…! Google reminds you If you want to create something and What you should come up with. The only thing Google Calendar cannot do for you is actually write your blog post…! However, rather just like the brain injury patients who discovered that Google Calendar was the best method of helping them remember things, you too can usually benefit from the system to help you keep an eye on your blogging.

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